Muse music video: "madness" on the subway

In case you didn’t catch the link on this week’s Twitter Tuesday, here’s the music video by Muse featuring the Metro subway platform and train at Union Station.

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  1. Awesome Muse video … love it. Never cared for the “Bad Day” song, but I’ll give it props for the video.

  2. For those that don’t like muse…. Another great music video filmed on Metro: Bad Day. Pershing Square station and Pershing Square park.

    (Since we’re pointing out Metro allowing people to break rules in music videos, this one does a great job at encouraging vandalism! lol 😛 )

  3. But vid opens with characters smoking their brains out, presumably attempting to appear glamourous & not the idiots they are. Air pollution & skyrocketing healthcare costs are not amusing. FYI … tobacco KILLS thousands every day.

    Maddness on Subway not a good, screaming Twitter title. Mental illness is another NOT funny subject, especially aftet Newtown insane shootings.

    What is going on with MTA’s Powers That Be?


    • Hi Kim,

      Smoking is indeed a terrible thing (and not allowed on Metro trains, buses and platforms), which is why I believe the police came out with attack dogs and riot gear to stop them. (And my, didn’t things escalate quickly.)

      I do agree with your point about the headline, it was a pun on the song title and I didn’t think about how it could be misinterpreted. It’s been changed now.


      Anna Chen
      The Source, Contributor

  4. Was the police reaction because they were smoking on the platform/train? I am surprised Metro allowed their logo to appear in this quite dystopian video. Is there a “making of” video too?

    • Hi Erik,

      I don’t believe there is a “making of” video currently available. I can only assume the police came out in force to punish their forbidden dark love – and the smoking, which is a major no-no!

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Contributor