Expo Line Phase 2 rail bridge takes shape over Cloverfield Boulevard in Santa Monica

Photo courtesy of Expo Line Fan.

Photo courtesy of ExpoLine Fan.

Photo courtesy Expo Line Fan.

Photo courtesy of ExpoLine Fan.

The pace of work on the second phase of the Expo Line between Culver City and Santa Monica remains very impressive. Above are a pair of photos taken by Expo Line Fan of the bridge that will carry the Expo Line over Cloverfield Boulevard and toward the bridge over Olympic Boulevard in Santa Monica.

Check out ExpoLine Fan’s Flickr page — he has been documenting construction on the entire project for several years now and has a lot of great images of work on both phase one and phase two of the project.

5 replies

  1. I am hoping this will be done soon. It took a while for them to build the Gold Line, I remember sitting near my computer and waiting and waiting. and in the meantime I was reading about a future project called Expo Line. Well here we are now 8 years later, time goes by quick, but not that quick. I was happy to see the beautiful Culver City station completed, with an elevator that has neon lighting, basically looking like a miniature nightclub that I can party in.

  2. Seems like Expo 2 is moving along quickly. It will be nice to ride the train to Santa Monica on a hot day without sitting in traffic and looking for a place to park.

  3. This is exciting news.
    I hope, the next step Metro will get serious about Rail in the San Fernando Valley!

  4. Impressive indeed. It would be great to see this project completed on-time and under budget.