New version of Go Metro mobile app available for download today

There is a new version of Metro’s mobile app, Go Metro, available for download today in both the App Store at iTunes and Android Play. Here’s a run-down of the revisions for this update:

  • Metro’s new schedule data as of December 18.
  • A small change to the station detail screen to clarify the direction of the train; see the example below.
  • Favorites being duplicated (a bug pointed out to us by customers).
GoMetro iPhone Station Detail

Station detail on iPhone

By now, you should have received update alerts on your device. If you haven’t downloaded the app before, here’s how to download the free app directly from your device.


  1. Select the App Store and search for ‘Go Metro Los Angeles’ (see the screen grab below).
  2. Click the ‘Install’ button.


  1. Select the ‘Play Store’ and search for ‘Go Metro Los Angeles.’
  2. Click the ‘Install’ button.
App Store Search

Searching in the App Store

Go to Metro’s Mobile Resources on to learn more about the app and see a list of 3rd party apps built using Metro transit data.

What do you think of the Go Metro app? Do you use it? Is it helpful? Please comment.

3 replies

  1. I love the app for arrival times… having the map-based view is much better than the old way of having to search through menu layers on NextBus. I am looking forward to this coming to rail as well. I use it all the time for arrivals.

    The trip planner is very clunky and difficult to use. It needs to be integrated better into the map layer of the app (imagine Google Maps and how that works for directions…) rather than a separate tab/feature. Right now, it’s not very “app-like” and is instead “mobile-webby.” I never use it for planning my trips, instead relying on Google or other apps.

    The update to the station detail page is nice, but it’s still confusing and over-wordy. Should say simply “Metro Gold Line (804) – to Union Station” rather than having that 804 in there twice. I can assume why it does this, but I have to imagine it’s a pretty easy fix to tell the app to not display the line number in the destination description.

    Right now the app has a place in my arsenal, but I do think the basic features it includes could give it the ultimate place if those features were all smoothed out.

  2. But considering this app “freeezes” and REFUSES TO LAUNCH, and its so-called “developer” (AxiomXcell) REFUSES TO FIX THE GLITCHES IN IT, its a WASTE OF TIME downloading this! I have had it twice, and DELETED IT TWICE! Never again for this WORTHLESS APP!