Metro Board of Directors meeting is underway

The Board met in closed session earlier this morning and the public portion of the meeting kicked off a few minutes ago. Here’s the agenda.

It will likely be a long meeting. Those who want to listen in — sorry, there’s no webstream — can do so by phoning 213-922-6045.

In his opening remarks, Metro Board Chair Mike Antonovich asked for a report from Metro staff next month on the reliability of the Silver Line, saying he has received some complaints from customers about waits at stations along the Harbor Freeway Transitway.

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  1. I have left comments a couple of times here on the source that seem to have been censored, and I can see no obvious reason why. Someone please email me and tell me why my last comment never appeared. I am the reason that the board is finally looking into the silver line and I think linking to my blog about it totally legitimate.