Artists of the Metro Orange Line exhibition closes December 13

One of the artworks included in the exhibition. Entitled Pond Landscape, by artist Phung Huynh, the artwork is an oil and collage on wooden panel.

Last chance!  Translations: Artists of the Metro Orange Line, is closing on December 13. The Metro exhibition, organized in collaboration with Los Angeles Valley College, features the works of 20 artists commissioned for the Metro Orange Line and demonstrates how artists enliven the public space of transit.

Artworks that reflect the artists’ studio practice in relation to their Metro commissions are on view, providing insight into the many ways artists translate their practices and material selections to create works of art for public transportation sites.

Featured artists: Lisa Adams, Sandow Birk, Caryl Davis, John Divola, Roy Dowell, Sam Erenberg, Jud Fine, Ken Gonzales-Day, Phung Huynh, Anne Marie Karlsen, Margaret Lazzari, Laura London, Daniel Marlos, Michele Martinez, John O’Brien, Renée Petropoulos, Roxene Rockwell, John Roloff, Pat Warner and Jody Zellen.

View images of all artists’ Orange Line artwork here.

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Valley College Art Gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 11am-2pm and 6-9pm (5800 Fulton Ave. Valley Glen, CA 91401).

The gallery is located in the Art Building on the northwest corner of campus. Map. The exhibition ends December 13, 2012. Read the exhibition press release here.