Gold Line Foothill Extension's Iconic Bridge almost complete!

Cool photo e-mailed around this afternoon from the Gold Line Foothill Extension Authority, the agency building the Pasadena-to-Azusa addition to the Gold Line.

The photo was taken underneath the new bridge in Arcadia that will carry Gold Line tracks from the median of the 210 freeway toward downtown Arcadia. Here’s the email sent by Habib Balian, the Construction Authority’s CEO:

Final details are being completed on the Gold Line Bridge, as Skanska readies the bridge for turn-over to the project alignment contractor (Foothill Transit Contractors) in just over one week. The landscaping, irrigation and lighting installation (see image below) is well underway, and work will be completed over the next several days on the final barrier walls along the superstructure. Also, as you can see below, nearly all of the reeds have been installed on the outrigger baskets.

We anticipate up to three night-time freeway closures during these last two weeks of construction. Closures are needed to remove the form work, scaffolding, and general construction materials. The first two will be tonight and tomorrow night, with one possible additional closure anticipated.

With the rainy weather behind us for now, the contractor has cleared the way for an on-time, on-budget completion.

I’m scheduled to get a closer view of the bridge next week as part of a media briefing. I’ll post a bunch of photos then. Work will soon be ramping up on many other parts of the 11.5-mile project being built along the old railroad right-of-way.



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  1. I must say the progress of the I-210 Goldline bridge has been remarkable. With the I-210 bridge basically complete, my only complaint is with the powers that be in not having multiple crews working simultaneously on various points along the entire 11.5 mile extension. Doing this could complete this much needed mass transit project earlier than the currently projected completion sometime in 2015. These projects generally take far too long to complete. I see no reason if managed efficiently why this entire rail project could not be completed in 2014, thus easing the commuting nightmares for the public at large residing in the east San Gabriel Valley.

  2. Gold Line bridge completion ceremony
    Newcastle Park 101 W Colorado Blvd
    Arcadia,CA 91007
    December 15, 2012 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

  3. This bridge design was once touted by Metro as honoring the heritage of local Native American tribes of the Foothil areas. Any 4th grader who’s built a diorama of a California Mission could tell you that this weave design looks nothing like an indigenous style and clearly resembles something that came out of grandma’s country gingham kitchen. If you want to “honor” Native Americans, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to invite a few (or even one) to the table when decisions such as this are being made. We still exist you know. Not all of us live on the Rez.