Bus service changes take effect Sunday, Dec. 16

Here is the news release from Metro:

Metro to Enhance Bus Service on Selected Lines Effective Sunday, Dec. 16

Effective Sunday, December 16, Metro will enhance service on selected Metro Bus lines by making some minor changes in an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Metro bus service.

Additional midday and weekend bus service will be added to Line 40 (Downtown LA-South Bay Galleria via MLK Blvd.) along Crenshaw Blvd. and La Brea Avenue serving the Hawthorne/Lennon Metro Green Line Station.

Metro will add service to improve the frequency of bus service on the Metro Silver Line operating along the Harbor Freeway Transitway between the Artesia Transit Center and downtown Los Angeles during weekday morning peak periods. Silver Line service improvements during the morning peak period will operate from every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes. In addition, late night service along the Silver Line will improve from every 60 minutes to every 40 minutes.

Metro Rapid Line 733 (Downtown LA – Santa Monica via Venice Blvd.) in late December will get a new stop added along Venice Blvd. at the Culver City Station of the Metro Expo Line to better serve patrons transferring from bus to rail.

Below is a list of service changes and improvements to begin on Sunday, Dec. 16 or later.

 40 Downtown LA – South Bay Galleria via MLK Bl – Hawthorne Bl (revised timetable)

Additional midday and weekend service on Crenshaw Bl and La Brea Av to the Hawthorne/Lennox Green Line Station.

217 Hollywood/Vine — Culver City TC via Hollywood Bl — Fairfax Av — La Cienega Bl (revised timetable)

Selected weekday trips extended to serve the Howard Hughes Center via Sepulveda Bl and Center Dr.

534 Malibu — Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub via Pacific Coast Hwy (revised timetable)

Rerouted in Downtown Santa Monica to improve on-time performance. New stop added in late December on Venice Bl at Culver City Expo Station.

612 South Gate Shuttle (revised timetable)

Rerouted in Watts to serve Compton Av between 92nd St and 103rd St.

733 Downtown LA – Santa Monica via Venice Bl

New stop added in late December on Venice Bl at Culver City Expo Station. (revised timetable)

740 Jefferson Park – South Bay Galleria via Crenshaw Bl – Hawthorne Bl (revised timetable)

Southbound stop in downtown Inglewood relocated to La Brea Av and Queen St to improve connections with Line 212 (stop on La Brea Av at Manchester Bl no longer served.)

Silver Line – Artesia Transit Center – Downtown LA – El Monte Station (revised timetable)

Additional weekday morning peak service from Artesia Transit Center to Downtown LA will improve from every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes. Late night service has been improved to every 40 minutes.

For complete details, look for revised timetables on metro.net or on buses during December. There are also small changes to many other bus lines.


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6 replies

  1. 4 years (8 service changes) for me to address once again that the weekday line 224 to/from Sylmar needs to be a max, of :25 mins. per bus, not the current :40 mins. Also once again I ask this same question (never yet got an answer except this “will we look into it.”
    Why o Why is there no northbound bus stop for the line 224 at San Fernando / Lankershim? There was one there up until 2009. Since for some BAD reason half of all line 224 buses goto Sylmar, the other half are a short line to Sun Valley. It is sickening that if you are on line 094 and want to goto Sylmar you can get off at Lankershim / San Fernando, and then (like a dummy) watch as the northbound line 224 to Sylmar passes you.

  2. I agree with Mark. Line 740 is nearly a duplicate of line 710. What about new express lines that Metro promised back in 2009 using Measure R funds? This link http://www.metro.net/board/Items/2009/03_March/20090318OtherMeasureRItem24Handout.pdf is from a meeting where Metro was supposed to implement new Metro Rapid and Metro Express lines. So far, we have not seen any new express lines at all. The Metro Silver Line should have already installed the ticket vending machines to speed up service.

  3. Adding a 3rd card to Gold Line trains during peak hours would be great. They are packed to the point that people must wait for the next train many times.

  4. Might as well renumber Line 740 into Line 712 with the northern terminus at the Vine Red Line Station, with the service on Crenshaw realigned to La Brea, using the current stops on La Brea Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard from the South Bay Galleria to Manchester Boulevard, and then stops on La Brea Avenue at Centinela Avenue, Slauson Avenue, Stocker Street, Rodeo Road, Jefferson Boulevard (Expo Line), Adams Boulevard, Washington Boulevard, Venice Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, Olympic Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard (future Purple Line), 3rd Street, Beverly Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, and then on Hollywood Boulevard at Highland Avenue (Red Line), and Vine Street (Red Line) to lessen duplication with Metro Rapid 710 on Crenshaw Boulevard. There is a lack of transferring to/from Line 110 from a north-south Rapid, there should be stops added for that: Line 710 on Crenshaw-Hyde Park, Line 757 on Western-Gage, Line 754 on Vermont-Gage

  5. I am a bit disappointed to see only a few lines are improved. Will the suggestions of the December Service Councils’ suggestions be implemented this month, or the councils’ suggestions will be implemented in June instead?

  6. Might as well change the 733 to a 333 with the amount of stops that have been added. There was no need to add a stop at Robertson, when the stop at National is so close. It will just add more delays with the amount of traffic during rush hour.

    Too bad it’s always is easier to add more stops, than to eliminate one.