Transportation headlines, Monday, Dec. 3

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Headlines blog, which you can also access via email subscription or RSS feed.

Time to lower sales tax threshold for transportation (San Jose Mercury News)

Scroll down to the second reader question in this transportation column — the reader points to the narrow losses of sales tax measures in both Alameda and Los Angeles County as indicative that the super-majority needs to be lowered. One legislative observer says that the new Democratic majority in both the state Assembly and Senate could choose to put that issue to voters in 2014. In meantime, needed transportation projects are put on hold.

Voting concludes today on downtown L.A. streetcar tax (L.A. Times) 

This is the last day for downtown residents eligible to vote to mail in their ballots on whether to create a new tax district to help pay for the $125-million streetcar. Supporters say it will bring economic development to downtown, particularly along Broadway — a street certainly in need of a breath of fresh air. There is no organized opposition.
A struggling 19-year-old service worker barely earning enough to make ends meet has to pay $64 for her monthly Muni pass. A wealthy 66-year-old homeowner from Pacific Heights can purchase that same fare for $22.

Seem fair?

With debate swirling in recent months over a proposal to provide free Muni service for The City’s low-income youths, a larger regional conversation has begun about the possibility of basing some transit fares on a customer’s ability to pay.

Both Muni and the MTC — the Bay Area’s regional transit agency — are conducting studies. It’s hard to argue with the fairness part, but also seems difficult to administer and keep it fair.

Ventura County VISTA buses now offer wi-fi (Ventura County Star) 

The buses now offer free wi-fi — no password is needed — on all lines, following hte lead of a few other transit agencies around the state. Officials say cost of wi-fi has been coming down and it’s very popular with customers (shocker!).

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  1. They need to fix the inequality in travel distance first before they get detailed with income statistics to set fare rates.

  2. How many ‘wealthy 66 year olds (and homeowner, aghast)’ are cheating the poor 19yr olds? At what point do 19yr olds, and others, in some minds, have to be a tad responsible for their own selves?