Metro statement on final Measure J tally

Here is the agency's statement issued Monday morning:

The ballot effort to extend the Measure R transit sales tax by another 30 years fell just short of the necessary two thirds voter approval. In the final vote tally, 66.11 percent of voters, nearly 2 million Los Angeles County residents, expressed confidence in Metro and the Measure R program. Progress will continue as Metro remains focused on delivering a dozen new transit projects and 15 highway improvement projects that voters approved four years ago in passing Measure R. In fact, within two years Metro should be overseeing simultaneous construction of five major rail projects. Also the Measure R transit sales tax for transit – approved in 2008 – continues until 2039, so Metro directors have the option of asking voters in the future if they wish to extend the program.

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5 replies

  1. I did not support Measure J because it does not put money on solving traffic – and traffic is definitely not solved by expanding existing HWYs. Put a measure that includes building subways or if that is too costly than, just make more bus lines available.
    Measure R that passed only cut bus lines… and the projects are stalled for both Westwood Subway and Expo Line.. find out why.

  2. 66.11%. So lets get rid of the part of Prop 13 that stipulates all ballot measures that increase or extend taxes pass by 2/3, and try again. It will pass handedly next time.

  3. Franko: Fair points about bus cuts and highway expansion, but the Expo Line and Westside Subway most definitely are not stalled. Expo Phase 2 is under construction as we speak. The Westside Subway is a few weeks away from the start of utility relocation and is proceeding with real estate acquisition. The project is also winding its way through the federal government bureaucracy on the way to getting its funding formally approved.