Latest Measure J results

It remains extremely unlikely that Measure J will get the two-thirds approval needed for passage but it has certainly been interesting watching its numbers rise as more ballots are counted by the Los Angeles County Registrar.
I'll update later when I know the number of ballots remaining to be tallied. Another update is due Friday. I'm getting mixed signals as to how many are actually left – I'll try to bird-dog the number tomorrow.


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  1. Why dont we extend it for 50yrs and add lightrail deep into the valley, add the connection of the crenshaw line to hollywood/ highland through west hollywood, and connect the red line to burbank airport then maybe it’ll look more attractive than building some projects quickly in only parts of the county.. HSR is already going to add burbank and glendale to the rail network. it would be nice to atleast add frequent service on metrolink into chatsworth on weekends to have SOME kind of option. If brought to the voters again I really hope that adding projects to the list as incentive will be considered.

  2. @ Miguel:

    Agreed! I think about 25K people would have had to change their votes from NO to YES for Measure J to have passed. That is fewer daily customers then are served by the Orange Bus, let alone any of the rail lines.

    My vote would have gone for Sepulveda Pass, East SFV, Orange Line, or Metrolink. Others would have gone for an extra Crenshaw station or third build out of the Gold Line. One additional project could have earned Metro an extra $90 billion. Perhaps next time there will be a carrot for 25K people to munch on at the polls.