Update, 7:24 p.m.: Normal service resumes on Blue & Expo Lines

UPDATE, 7:24: Normal service was restored about 20 minutes ago. There are residual delays. Thank you for your patience and patronage. We know this was a tough commute tonight.

UPDATE, 6:40 P.M.: Metro Blue Line and Metro Expo Line are experiencing major service delays in the downtown area of up to 75 minutes during rush hour. Equipment issues involving a routing switch continues at Washington and Flower junction and at the 23rd St. crossover on Expo Line.Two train breakdowns in the Washington area have compounded earlier delays caused by limited use of power that controls switches at Washington and Flower junction. Buses are being used in addition to trains to transport passengers; personnel are assisting. Delays to passengers in the downtown area may extend to 75 minutes. Some trains are being turned back at Washington Station and at 23rd Street Station in order to keep southbound service at a steady pace. Trains are arriving and departing at all stations. Service continues throughout the Blue Line and Expo Line with a 12-to-15-minute delay outside of the downtown area.

UPDATE, 6:18 P.M. Due to a problem with the switches at the junction of the Blue Line and Expo Line at Washington and Flower in downtown L.A. — in addition to two broken down trains — there are serious delays on both lines. Avoid them if you can — it doesn’t look like the issue is going to be cleared up very soon.

A bus bridge is being established.

Service advisories can always be found on the Metro.net homepage and Metro’s regular Twitter feed, as well as Metro’s service alert feed.

6 replies

  1. Wasn’t the signaling system the other reason for the delay of opening the Expo line?

  2. Can you please inform us about the latest update with replacing the junction? Last I remember there was going to be someone inspecting the junction?

    • Hi Phaedra;

      The problem last night as I understand it was with the signaling system — not the trackage.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. This was my first day commuting via Blue Line (new job). Not a good start. After waiting 40 minutes with no end in sight, I had to get my wife to come pick me up (from Long Beach).

    Metro needs to find a good fix for this junction, or it’s going to start losing lots of riders.

  4. During the evening commute today, we were shut up in a train between two stations, with no air condition, no access to food or water for over two hours. We were not allowed to leave the train either. Metro should consider giving riders a free day pass for their inconvenience.

    • Hi Nancy;

      First, I apologize for the bad commute and discomfort.

      Second, I rounded up all the comments we received on the blog and on Twitter about last night’s delays and sent them to my superiors and customer relations. I’m hopeful that the next time there’s a breakdown, things are handled better.

      Thank you for riding and taking the time to write,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source