UPDATED: Green Line Mariposa Station closure set for Dec 1

Mariposa Station. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Closure of the Green Line Mariposa Station set for Saturday, December 1.

Railway work will be done on the Green Line from El Segundo Station to Aviation/LAX Station, and Mariposa Station will be completely closed, from start of service to approximately 6 p.m.

Regular service will run from Norwalk Station to Aviation/LAX Station and from El Segundo Station to Redondo Beach Station. A bus bridge will be in place between El Segundo and Aviation/LAX. Customer information agents will be on hand at both stations to help direct Metro riders to local buses or the Green Line Bus Bridge.

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  1. There needs to be signage stating that Green Line riders don’t need to re-tap upon leaving the bus bridge. In other words it is one continuous trip just broken up by the bus. Otherwise non pass holders would be charged a double fare for riding between both sides of the bridge.

  2. Steve: It may seem a nitpick but that’s actually not true – some of the images on Commons are in the public domain and others are copyrighted but are licensed under “copyleft” licenses which have different kinds of requirements for their use (most commonly just attribution or attribution and share-alike, meaning derived works have to be under the same license). However, all of the images on Commons are under a “free” license meaning they can be used commercially and derived from if the other conditions (such as attribution, or licensing of derived works under the same license) are met (see here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Criteria_for_inclusion). You can click on the image on wikimedia commons to see what license is being used for that image.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and do not care to interpret what a “derived work” means in this context.

    • Hi Vic;

      We plucked the photo from Wikipedia Commons, which has copyright-free photos. If you took it, I’m glad to add your name — just let us know your full name for the credit of if we should just go with ‘Vic.’ Thanks!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. The Toyota (formerly Healthsouth) Sports Center, with its three ice surfaces (one of them formerly a rollatorium) is practically right under the Mariposa station. If you like skating, that would qualify as “fun”

    And if you wanted to see the Endeavour land on the final ferry flight of a Space Shuttle (at least, a first-generation one), the Green Line was the best way to get to the prime viewing locations near LAX. Likewise, it was the best way to catch a bus to The Forum on the Saturday of the Long Crawl. I think that seeing the Endeavour do things that it would never do again would qualify as “exciting.”

  4. i thought it was only the Blue Line that had those hideous signs with just a boring line color at the bottom. never been on the Green Line, doesn’t seem like there’s anything exciting or fun to do near the Green Line.