Melbourne Metro PSA: "Dumb Ways to Die"

Metro Trains Melbourne’s latest public service advertising campaign has received a lot of attention the past few days. The song and music video related to its safety awareness campaign, “Dumb Ways to Die” have gone viral since they were first posted last week. The video amassed over 4 million views in its first few days on YouTube and the song reached the top ten on iTunes charts. Not bad considering the campaign hasn’t officially kicked off yet. Here’s a link to its website.

Watch the video above and you can see and hear why it has caught on so fast: the song is catchy and sardonic without being overly grim, and the cartoon animation does well to keep the video light-hearted and innocuous. What is subject to some discussion is how it’s hard to identify the safety message until the very end, when the “dumb ways to die” turn transit related — standing on the edge of a train platform, driving around at-grade crossing gates and walking on the tracks between platforms. But once you get there, the message is clear. Good luck getting that chorus out of your head though (and maybe that’s the point).

What do you think of the video? Leave your comments below.


6 replies

  1. so darn cute! love the animation and catchy song. maybe the PR/Media dept at Metro could come up with an edgy or funny campaign too!

  2. Absolutely love it. Hope it does what it’s supposed to do and save lives. Congratulations and a catchy production.

  3. Agreed about the infectious tune! I love the brown guy on the left from the second verse, how he does the arm sweeps and a dance along with the chorus.