Metro Rail service for UCLA vs. USC on Saturday, Nov 17

Photo from UCLA Football Facebook page.

Saturday, Nov. 17 will be the first UCLA vs. USC game at the Rose Bowl since Expo Line opened. Kick off will be at 12 p.m. and huge crowds are expected — 90,000 plus. Metro Rail will be running enhanced service to accommodate the fans heading to the Rose Bowl.

If heading to the game, exit the Gold Line at Memorial Park station and walk two blocks west to the free bus shuttles that run between the Parsons Engineering parking lot and the Rose Bowl. More information from the Rose Bowl website:

An Important Message to Fans

Attendance for the UCLA-USC game at the Rose Bowl Stadium on November 17 is expected to reach 90,000 fans. Stadium officials are expecting an increased number of vehicles on game day, and, as a result, heavy traffic and congested streets. Parking will be extremely limited at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Fans are urged to consider carpooling or taking public transportation. Parking will only be available to only those patrons holding tickets to the game.


Metro is adding service and/or capacity between USC and Pasadena:

Gold Line: 3-car trains at 6-minute headways between Sierra Madre Villa Station and Union Station three hours before and after the game.

Red Line: regular service, with 6-car trains three hours before and after the game.

Expo Line: rail service augmented by shuttle service from Vermont Station to 7th/Metro for 6-minute headways on this segment of the line three hours before and after the game.

Metro customer service agents will be stationed at 7th/Metro and Union Station to help direct riders and safety ambassadors will be stationed along the Expo Line around Expo Park and USC.

Finally, there is no eating or drinking on Metro trains and platforms, so please wait until you reach your final destination before starting in on your game day treats.

And after the jump, a very, very special message from a high-ranking Metro official.

Metro CEO Art Leahy’s new unofficial portrait.

5 replies

  1. As a Bruin fan, I applaud Trojan alum Art Leahy donning the winners’ blue and gold and proclaiming UCLA 1. As a Metro supporter, I appreciate Mr. Leahy adding extra trains throughout the system for USC fans when his Trojans host games at the Coliseum. I also commend him adding extra trains when his Trojans traveled to the Rose Bowl last Saturday to get whipped. As a tax payer supporting a public mass transit service, however, I deplore him failing to provide the same service when UCLA hosts anyone other than USC at the Rose Bowl. Please provide this service to UCLA fans when the City Champs and Southern Division Champs host Stanford this Saturday (and hopefully again when they host the Pac-12 Championship Game next week). If you can do it for an unranked USC team hosting the Irish, surely you can do it for two ranked teams who both squashed USC.

  2. Fight on, Art! But don’t wear that kind of garbage ever again! Yuck! Who put you up to that? Richard, perhaps?

  3. What would be awesome is if the people that do not care about football can be unaffected by this. USC games have created a fiasco and inconveinced the usual weekend riders. Missing my MetroLink train last saturday ruined my weekend; and I left early.

  4. That would be amazing. Special trains that are USC-Rose Bowl routed would be awesome.

    (Although I think the Regional Connector should be routed that direction regularly anyway, for other reasons.)

  5. Kinda crazy to think that once the regional connector is built their could be shuttle service between UCLA and USC home games if metro chooses to do so.