Transportation headlines, Tuesday, November 6

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Headlines blog, which you can also access via email subscription or RSS feed.


Happy Election Day, Source readers. After enduring an endless campaign season, I thought I’d toss some topic-appropriate music into today’s headlines. Don’t read anything into my selections. They’re just great songs, not my personal political statements. I am, however, beaming with pride that I finally got Alice Cooper on a government owned and operated blog.

Beyond the spin, breaking down Measure J (L.A. Streetsblog)

Damien Newton offers a thorough analysis of who is supporting J and who isn’t and some of the reasons why. Some people want an expanded transit system, others worry that will come with a price — fare increases.


Life in the ExpressLanes (ZevWeb)

County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s website offers a nice overview of the ExpressLanes opening this Saturday on the 110 freeway. And, yes, everyone who uses the lanes needs to have a FasTrak transponder. LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick also discusses the ExpressLanes on his weekly KCRW segment.


Which Mitt would shape U.S. transpo policy — the Governor or the candidate? (D.C. Streetsblog)

As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney had one of the nation’s largest transit networks in his backyard in Boston and worked toward progressive zoning, road maintenance and building smarter campaigners. As a candidate, Streetsblog characterizes his energy policy as a parody of “desperate political pandering to Texas oil barons.”


Tales from a post-Sandy commute (BikePortland)

A cyclist visiting New York last month heaps praise on New York City for using pylons to create an instant bus lane from Brooklyn into Manhattan when the subways weren’t running last week. Lines were ungodly long for the bus — a good argument for the capacity of trains — but it somehow worked.