Nine days and counting until ExpressLanes open on 110 freeway

An electronic sign on the 110 freeway on Wednesday when there were 10 days to go until opening. Photo by Metro.

Also, a reminder that there’s a live online chat on Friday at noon with Metro ExpressLanes Executive Officer Stephanie Wiggins. More info here.

And here is a post with the most popular questions that people have about the project. We’re trying to answer any remaining questions you have on the comment board. The project’s web page also has considerable resources, including links to ordering the transponder all vehicles must have to use the ExpressLanes.

Below is a flier that has been mailed by Metro to many people who live near the 110 freeway as part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to inform everyone that the HOV lanes will soon be HOT lanes.



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  1. Yes!!!!!!!!! 9 MORE DAYS AND SILVER LINE DETOUR ON THE 1-110 SHOULD BE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!