Reminder: tomorrow is deadline to register to vote in special downtown L.A. streetcar election

As you likely know, downtown Los Angeles residents who live near the proposed streetcar line have a special vote-by-mail-only election in the latter half of November to decide whether to tax themselves to help pay for the project by creating a Community Facilities District. This is a city of Los Angeles project.

Here’s the skinny on registering from the Los Angeles Streetcar website:

Step 1: Check your registration status 

To vote on Streetcar you must be registered at your CURRENT Downtown address or you will not receive a ballot. Without a ballot, you won’t be able to vote on Streetcar, and the only way to vote in the special Streetcar election is by mail. If you are unsure whether you are registered or not, head on over to L.A. County’s Voter Registration Verificaiton website to get an immediate status check (simply input your last name, birth date, and address). 

Step 2: Not registered?

If you’re not registered at your current Downtown address just follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Secretary of State website
  2. Fill-Out the Online Registration Form
  3. Congratulations! Keep a lookout for the Streetcar Ballot in early November

Step 3 (Optional): Mail or Deliver Your Registration Form by OCT. 28 

If don’t want to use the online form, you must submit a hard copy of your voter registration form by October 31 (Halloween to all of you party people) to guarantee you’ll be able to vote on the Streetcar. So before you even think about donning your clever costumes and begging for candy, hit the post office and submit your registration form.


Is your residence within the Community Facilities District? Check out the map after the jump.


Click above to see larger.