Metro running enhanced service for HARD Day of the Dead


Going to HARD Day of the Dead? Plan on going Metro. The music extravaganza is taking place Saturday, November 3 at the LA State Historic Park, conveniently near the Gold Line Chinatown Station. The fun starts at 6 p.m. and lasts until 2 a.m.

Here are few tips for Metro riders going to the event.

  • All concert goers ride FREE to the event ONLY if possessing their event ticket or wristband.
  • Last Gold Line trains to Pasadena and East LA will depart Chinatown Station exactly 30 minutes after conclusion of the event.
  • Last Red Line train to North Hollywood will hold for the last Gold Line from Chinatown and depart Union Station approximately 40 minutes after conclusion of the event.
    • All further connections from this trip will be held for passengers destined to Blue, Expo, Green, or Orange Line.
  • Full platform length trains will be running on both Red & Gold Lines to provide extra capacity.  Please use entire platform length when boarding.
  • There will NOT be any extended hours beyond the regular schedule for the Silver Line. However, Foothill Transit’s Silver Streak to El Monte provides 24-hour service.

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  1. Just curious … now that we have weekend train schedules beyond 2:00am, what is Metro’s general policy regarding daylight saving time (such as this coming Saturday night)?

  2. Great question! I’m actually going to do a quick write up about that now, but short answer is Metro won’t be running extra service. So once the clocks fall back, you have only what time was originally left (i.e. last train at 2:12 a.m. becomes 1:12 a.m.) to take Metro.

    Anna Chen
    The Source, Contributor

  3. How long will the wait time be before transfers? If we miss the last train, when do trains start up again the following day considering DST? I ask for all lines but am particularly interested in the Expo line 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Trains run every 20 minutes after midnight. They’re timed so that (ideally) there’s no more than 5 minutes to wait between transfers. All trains will start running again Sunday morning around 5 a.m. (if you forget to turn back your clock, it will be 6 a.m. for you). We’re not encouraging you to miss your last train, but if you do both the Denny’s and IHOP near 7th/Metro are open 24 hours.

    Hope that helps!

    Anna Chen
    The Source, Contributor

  5. Hello,
    “All further connections from this trip will be held for passengers destined to Blue, Expo, Green, or Orange Line. Does this mean will you be extending departing times for blue line until approximately 2:50am? I am coming from orange county and planned on travelling metro from long beach transit mall. the last train scheduled to leave is 2:07am, so I would have to leave at least 20 mins beforehand to get to union station, then travel to 7th street.

  6. Hi Daniel,

    That is so! Although it would technically be 1:50 a.m. after you turn back your clock… Basically, if you’re taking the Blue Line home after HARD, you should be fine as long as you make it to Chinatown Station no more than 30 minutes after the music ends.

    Rock on,
    Anna Chen
    The Source, Contributor

  7. Hello, I have a question. Is metro bus free also that day for people going to HARD, or is it only free for rail? I ask because it takes half the time to get there by bus compared to rail. But I know on the way back we will have to take rail because buses won’t be running. Thanks!

  8. Hi Margaret,

    Yes, as long as you show your ticket/wristband, you can ride free on Metro going to and from the concert. That includes both bus and rail.

  9. Hello, it says on the metro website that you can only ride free if you have a wristband or the ticket to the event. But on the HARD website it says I can also use my reciept since my ticket is on will call. Will I be able to use my reciept?