Go Metro to A Cooler Ride with Michael Lejeune this Thursday

Buttons from one of Metro’s award winning marketing campaigns, designed by the in-house creative team.

Go visit the Hammer Museum on Thursday, Oct 25 at 7:30 p.m. to catch A Cooler Ride with Michael Lejeune, a free public lecture with Metro’s Creative Director. He’ll be talking about how he and his creative team apply bold design strategies to make public transportation cool. Go Metro and receive a 10% discount in the museum store. You’ll also have the opportunity to win a Graphic Design: Now in Production streetpole banner and catalog if you show your TAP card at the box office.

A Cooler Ride is presented in conjunction with the Hammer Museum exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production, featuring some of the most vibrant graphic design work created since 2000.

The Hammer Museum can be reached on the Metro Rapid 761 to Westwood/Lindbrook or the Metro Rapid 720 to Wilshire/Westwood. Check Trip Planner for more routes and connections.

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  1. How much of our taxpayer dollars pay for Mr. Metro Creative Director’s annual salary when they can be used to oh I don’t know, go to funds to fix the problems on the Blue Line?