Proof LA is a bike friendly community!

Photo by Kelly Martin/LACBC

Los Angeles was recently ranked as a “Bicycle Friendly Community” by the non-profit League of American Bicyclists.  First District Councilmember Ed P. Reyes, joined by city leaders and bicycle enthusiasts, accepted the award on behalf of the city on Thursday, Oct 18. The ceremony took place near the Red Line MacArthur Park Station.

This is the first time Los Angeles ranked a Bronze status. L.A. has supported the cycling community in recent years with the approval of the Bicycle Master Plan. This has led to the addition of 75 miles of bikeways in 2011 alone and sets the stage for 1600 miles of bikeways over the next 30 years.  The city has also aggressively increased bicycle parking, incorporated bicycle friendly streets and has tried out innovations like green bike lanes and bicycle corrals.

It should also be noted that a past winner at the bronze level — the city of Claremont — was moved up to the Silver Category. If you haven’t been to Claremont, hop on Metrolink, which stops in the city’s downtown that is also adjacent to the Claremont Colleges. Very nice place for a fall or winter pedal and/or walk.

2 replies

  1. Jacob, no one is arguing with you on that cyclists, like motorists, should obey traffic laws. Automobiles and bicycles are both considered vehicles in CA, and must adhere to the same rules while being operated on public roads. As I am too a commuter in the Los Angeles area, I have observed some cyclists breaking minor laws such as running stop signs, and I have observed drivers doing the same. Does this mean that all drivers and cyclists have the notion that they own the road with little consideration? Of course not.

  2. This is a great community activity, however bicyclist should respect road laws and be held accoungtable when not utilizing the roads responsibly. As a commuter in the Los Angeles area I have observed some bicyclist’s own the road with no consideration of surrounding traffic. Are there bicycle laws for them?