Canopy design and sun protection at the new El Monte Station

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I received an email earlier this week from a rider asking about the canopies on the upper level of the new El Monte Station and whether they would afford much protection from the sun and the elements.

It’s a good question — and one that Metro staff considered when designing the new station. I wanted to post the above graphic from Metro because I think it demonstrates that the new station wasn’t just assembled to look good. Function played a big role.

As for sun protection, the issue at El Monte is similar to many other Metro bus stops and rail stations. The sun obviously moves around a lot in the course of a day and year, meaning shade will move, too. I’ve found most Metro shade canopies to be sufficient.

One other point worth making: I know there is concern among some readers about bus bay assignments at El Monte Station. They’re not written in stone. It’s a new facility and Metro staff, along with other agencies using the station, can make changes if necessary and staff have spent the past week reviewing the station and getting feedback from customers.

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  1. the “sun shades” at the el monte station is of very poor execution. the sun does not “move around a lot” it is always east to west with a small degree of change. the sun shades are set up from north to south and do not provide and ounce of shade except after dark. I ride daily and have never been shielded from the sun since it has been open. just seems like who ever was responsible for this design does not do their homework. Oh they are beautiful, but not functional.
    Honestly the whole NEW STATION commotion seems like a waste of money. Again i ride daily and the entire operation seemed to function fine in the temporary set-up. Could have used all that money for more useful projects. It wont be too long before the “new” looks like the “old”.

  2. 1. Due to passenger volume, Bus Bay assignments for Silverline should be 29 for discharge, 18 & 19 for Westbound. Majority of Silverline patrons are the parking lot B users and most disembark in downtown LA.
    2. Likewise, Silver Streak should have Bus Bays 26, 27 & 28 (Eastbound and discharge).
    3. Greyhound should be in Bay 22 whether outbound or discharge since frequency is very limited.
    4. The designers considered the sun shading. However, wind and rain protection is a suspect advantage of the canopies.

  3. Sir, justing adding one more thing to my previous post. Again by the time the 267 got to Pasadena from the El monte station, it had become not just uncomfortable for many of the passengers but unsafe! (Old folks had to use the back door to enter, and it was quite a chore for anyone to leave the bus) Yes , all because the Metro folks in charge did not seem to organize their 1st day using the new terminals with their drivers!

  4. Sir, the Canopy looks nice, but I wish the Metro folks organized the 1st opening weekday, Monday October 15, better with their Drivers. My bus the 267 heading north to Altadena from station 8 lower deck never showed up eariler until 7:01am. The 1st stop after the bus station is on Santa Anita and Ramona Blvd, suppose to be there around 6:37am. The bus being super packed now from ALL the pasengers who were suppose to catch the eariler bus that never came! Metro tells me now through Customer Relations there was a maning shortage/problem? I would guess their early bus driver for this route was not prepared, because the 7:01 bus, 267 heading to Altadena was stopped on the way out of the station by what looked like a supervisor with a clip board.

  5. That is a great diagram. It really shows that the architect along with Metro really thought trying to maximize the passengers comfort during the times when the station would be in its heaviest use.

  6. Speaking of the sun, it makes it very hard to read electronic display signs since the fonts are very small and they are not very bright (not LED lid). This could be a potential violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act if the riders have a hard time reading the signs during day time.