Visit cowboy Chatsworth via the Orange Line or a horse

In the latest edition of Metro Motion, the Metro Orange Line extension is off to a great start, improving mobility through the San Fernando Valley and bringing faster travel times, improved bus and rail connections and a chance to discover the rich history and beautiful scenery of Chatsworth. Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger and Hopalong Cassidy all filmed there. But it’s not all Hollywood pretend. If we take a trip to Chatsworth via the Metro Orange Line we can find out what real live horses have to do with it.

In another segment, Metro Motion takes a ride up the Gold Line to Pasadena to experience some of the area’s finest eats, coolest beats and tastiest treats. And now we can stay for overtime with Metro’s extended late-night weekend service.

In another story we’re reminded that school’s back in session. (As if increased traffic didn’t tell us.) Maybe it’s time to go back to school for a brush up on our driving skills. Who better to teach us than Metro’s Div. 15 bus operators who collectively log thousands of miles on L.A.’s streets each year. We caught up with several operators who shared tips for safer trips … whether by car or by bus.

Metro Motion runs quarterly on cable stations throughout Los Angeles County.