It’s opening day for new El Monte Station

The lower level at the new station. Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro.

Patrons waiting for buses at the new station. Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro.

I was over at the new El Monte Station earlier this morning and a steady trickle of patrons are arriving at the new facility. The ribbon cutting on the station occurred earlier this week but it’s great to see VITs — Very Important Taxpayers — using the new station.

So far, the few folks I talked to seem to like the facility. And it has to be said: patrons definitely seemed interested in checking out the new restroom facilities!

If headed to El Monte Station today or tomorrow and have questions, please see one of the many Metro greeters who are staffing the station — they’re the ones wearing the yellow vests. They’re glad to help you find your bus on either the lower or upper level.

Also, there are plenty of signs around the station showing where to find different buses — the signage and the maps are good. The Silver Line — one of the more popular buses that stops at the station — uses Bay 22 on the Upper Level. Here’s the map of the new facility:

Click above to see larger image.

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  1. Opening day was really Monday the 15th of October 2012, the first real test of how everything should work on a weekday. Sadly to say it did not! The Metro folks seemed not to be ready with their bus Drivers being familiar with their routes in the new terminal. The 267 heading north to Altadena and Pasadena, had no earlier bus showup until 7:01am, at station 8. Customer Relations said it was a maning shortage/problem why the earilier bus didn’t show up? Well, I understand not everything runs perfect the first real test day, but did the Metro folks in charge prepare their Drivers? So now who takes responsibility for all those folks who were late to work or school, plus unsafe bus conditions of being overcrowed (and I’m sure the bus didn’t count the number of people anymore). Yes, opening day was not a fun way to start the week for some of us. Maybe someone in a responsible position at Metro should try and relate how their week goes when it doesn’t start off smoothly. How about a real response, and not just a letter with an excuse, admit someone “dropped the ball ” here, and do something next time for your Customers! People aren’t interest in how nice and new everything looks when they are worried about getting to work on time, and the service is lacking!

  2. I wish they set up multiple TVMs right beside the customer service counters.

    It seems so much an efficient way of handling things considering that the backroom of the customer service counter is directly connected to the backside of the TVMs for Metro service agents to restock, repair, and assist passengers all the while manning the customer service stands.

  3. I agree with Yvonne. I had to wait in a big line just to use one of two stalls they have on the lower level. I mean come on…two bathroom stalls for a bus station that is supposed to be the busiest bus station west of Chicago? Talk about bad facility and design planning.

    And then I had to stand there trying to figure out how to get the automatic doors to open. Wait until those automatic doors break and people complain about getting stuck in those bathrooms and end up missing their buses. Hilarious!!

  4. Where are all the restrooms? Double the riders but decrease the restrooms! For 60 million dollars they should have also doubled the restrooms, very bad decision. What were they think?, not!

  5. They put the most popular express line, METRO SILVER, in the furthest possible spot. Seems it should have been the first spot. Its new location combined with new layout of station have added about 10 min each way for me. Also, cash customers slow the system down. How could they not include ticket vending machines for cash users! Ugh. Or did i miss them?

  6. How about arranging the flow of buses so that through buses don’t have to do a double loop? This is for the eastbound Silver Streak, but I’m sure other buses have it as well. Basically you arrange the through buses on the top deck so that they are all on the south side, and the buses on the north side buses that begin or end at the station. Having to ride through it is kind of annoying.

  7. TVM’s would be really helpful. Seems like a shame to have a awesome new station and not one single TVM. Not sure how they were not included.

  8. Agree with Ben Kuo. The City of LA needs to do a better job of providing parking spaces specific for motorcycles. There’s a lot of motorcyclists and scooterists these days due to high gas prices, but no one wants to see one motorcycle hog up an entire car space.

  9. Totally agree with Ben that ticket vending machines need to be included to expedite Silver Line boarding in the mornings. Thoughts Steve?

    • Hi Rob;

      I’m glad to pass along the request, which certainly seems reasonable. There is also a customer store at the station, which should be able to provide TAP services for now. I’ll let you know what I hear about it.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Everyone:

      The Metro customer counter is in the same building with the Foothill Transit and Greyhound counter. Hope that helps!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  10. Steve, I know both you and @metrolosangeles said there’s a Metro customer center at the station, but I didn’t see one. All I saw was Foothill Transit, Greyhound, and ExpressLanes. Can you point out specifically where it is?

  11. Took a stroll yesterday through the new facilities. Truly a beautiful station and kudos for a job well done. I do have my own pet list of issues, though:

    1. No TVMs or all-door boarding for the Silver Line as promised in the original project goals.
    2. Need about 2 more of those Exeloo things. Riders were queuing up even on a Sunday.
    3. Motorcycle parking in the future parking structure so we don’t take up whole car spaces.

  12. Are you using a filter on your camera? It looks like there are water stains in the first photo. I’m wondering why you would choose a filter that makes the image look old or distressed when photographing a new station.

    • Hi lemonye;

      Yes, I was using the Camera Awesome app for iphone. Fair enough point — I was just trying to find a filter that I thought looked artful and helped make up for harsh sunlight.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  13. Will there be a “Metro Customer Center” at the El Monte Station later? I just think it makes sense to have one at this location.

    • Hi Jason;

      Yes, there is a customer center at the new station as well as an office for ExpressLanes customers.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  14. It took Metro Local Line 190 four minutes just to get out and on to Santa Anita Ave. ):