The art of transit

photo by Downtowngal, via submission

I was away for a few days earlier this week and managed unfortunately to miss the latest CicLAvia. But it’s never too late to post a great photo of a great event and this one qualifies. Downtowngal used the ‘glowing edges’ filter in Photoshop Elements to achieve the effect — something very different and cool.

While on the subject of photographing transportation in our area, here’s the latest Art of Transit Challenge: Get a photo of the space shuttle Endeavour and a Metro bus or train in the same image. It’s going to be tough as access to the Endeavour’s route is restricted in many place for safety reasons and the not-so-small issue that many bus lines near the shuttle’s route are on detour for the next couple of days.

But there’s a lot of you out there with cameras, so give it the old college try! If you succeed, email us the photo at or tweet it so that we can feature it on the blog. Thanks shutterbugs!

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