Metro Silver Line and Foothill Silver Streak riders can soon ride either line, using the same ticket and paying the same fare

The new program begins Sunday, when the new El Monte Station is open to the public. Here’s the news release from Metro:

When was the last time something actually became easier? Soon transit riders will be able to hop aboard either the Metro Silver Line or the Foothill Transit Silver Streak using the same ticket or paying the same fare for travel between the brand new El Monte Station and downtown Los Angeles.

Metro and Foothill Transit have teamed up to offer this new easy and convenient combined service for all Silver Line and Silver Streak riders, as part of a one-year demonstration program. Beginning Sunday, Oct. 14, when the new El Monte Station opens, all categories of Foothill Transit 31-Day passes and Metro 30-Day, 7-Day or Day passes will be accepted on either Metro Silver Line buses or Foothill Silver Streak buses, and riders paying cash will pay the same fare ($2.45, one way) no matter which bus they take.

Patrons wanting to travel on the El Monte Busway can just board the first bus to arrive — Metro Silver Line or Silver Streak — show their fare media from either Metro or Foothill Transit and be on their way.

Metro Silver Line buses operate every 5-10 minutes during morning and afternoon peak periods, every 15 minutes midday and every 60 minutes late at night. The Metro Silver Line travels from El Monte Station to the Artesia Transit Center, with several stops in downtown Los Angeles. The Foothill Transit Silver Streak operates approximately every 10 to 20 minutes during morning and afternoon peak periods, every 20 minutes midday and every 60 minutes late at night. The Silver Streak travels from Montclair Transit Center to downtown Los Angeles.

For more information on this new easy and convenient fare arrangement, including cash and pass fares, visit or

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  1. I agree with Hector S.

    I hope this would make the wheels turn to finally get fare integration moving along. There’s just too many agencies not working together in this county. What we need is full cooperation and standardization of technologies and fares to benefit everyone.

  2. To add to all of the questions here – has Metro/Foothill looked at fine-tuning their schedules to take advantage of this? IE, foothill and silver both come every 60 min during offpeak – why not have Metro come at :00 and Foothill at :30 – has this been looked into? Same with on-peak: Metro at :00/:10 and so on, Foothill at :05/:15 and so on.

  3. Wow…. Metro has not posted this to their news release… I guess its NOT important..

  4. I’m a little confused. Does this mean that if I want to go from Artesia Transit Center to Montclair, I can get a day pass, take the silver line to El Monte, get off, and board a silver streak bus using the same day pass to go to Montclair?

    • Hi Busrider;

      Here’s answer from Metro staff: The Metro Day pass is not a valid fare media/accepted on Foothill Transit’s Silver Streak Service operating between the El Monte transit center and Montclair. It should be noted: Metro Fare media is ONLY honored/acceped for service between El Monte and downtown LA.

      In other words, the day pass will get you to/from El Monte but not east of there.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  5. Great news. I hope this begins the first of many steps on our way to full fare integration across multiple agencies. There are still many services where the Torrance Transit, Gardena Municipal, Culver City Bus, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, and Metro offer similar routes yet have they all have different payment standards and inconsistent payment technologies.

    I think the key to a successful transit system is to have all the operators come into full agreement to a set of standards. Otherwise, who’s going to ride the bus when it’s so confusing when it’s $1.50 anywhere for Metro, but $1.00 anywhere for Santa Monica Bus, yet the two bus operators are totally incompatible with TAP? If Metro and SMBBB offered the same route, people will just the cheaper one.

    Things would go so much easier if everyone just agreed upon using TAP, move to distance based fares and come to an agreement of setting what a price of a mile is on transit within LA County so that it’s fair for everybody.

  6. What happens to EZ Pass Zone 2 sticker holders? Right now that’s only good enough for a Silver Line ride.

  7. Finally I could you my day pass. It was a bummer seeing the silver streak pass by and not be able to get on it with my day pass. THANK YOU!!!