Panorama photos of new El Monte Station

An opening date for the newly rebuilt El Monte Station will be announced soon. Until then, here are a pair of nice panorama photo of the new facility:

Click above to see larger image.

Click above to see larger image.

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  1. Unless the Silver Line fare is lowered to $1.50, I doubt any TVM will be installed for the line because it would create chaotic confusion. Metro please work things out with Foothill Transit and get rid of the unbelievably annoying one-of-a-kind fare structure of the Silver Line. Every time I ride it, the boardings along the way are painfully slow. If it is branded as a Liner, then please make it like a Liner (base fare + TVMs). Otherwise please just call it Line 910.

  2. Considering that these pictures are the CLOSEST the public will ever get to El Monte Station, shouldn’t they be posted in a more prominent venue, like Facebook? Its not like the public will ever get to UTILIZE this thing (which is now clearly in the “stare at” requirement phase of post-construction!).