@metrolosangeles Twitter Tuesday, Sept. 11 edition

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2 replies

  1. Ah, the QR codes way at the top of the sign. A perfect example of how government does everything wrong and everything that they do is a waste of tax dollars.

    And how much of my tax payer money was spent for people to place these QR codes where people can’t reach them?

  2. I’ve found it to be a fairly common problem that the NexTrip signs with QR codes are mounted way to high for practically anyone to reach and scan. Many are too high to even read well.

    Clearly those installing the signs don’t know what they’re for or how they’re used and are not getting good direction from supervisors or project managers in terms of where they should be mounted on poles.

    This isn’t even a nitpicky thing, as it effectively renders the QR code sign useless to have it mounted in an improper location.