Transportation headlines, Thursday, August 30

Sorry for the delay in posting. I hit the trifecta this morning with transit delays — and my phone ran out of juice, to boot. One of those days, people.

Beverly Hills school board prepares for federal suit (Beverly Hills Patch)

The BHUSD school board voted to increase the pay to a Washington D.C.-based law firm, saying they plan to file suit against the Federal Transit Administration in federal court. The district has already filed a suit against Metro in local courts, challenging the agency's environmental study of the Westside Subway Extension under state law. The school board has now spent more than $500,000 on legal fees in their attempt to change the subway's route so that it doesn't tunnel under parts of the Beverly Hills High School campus.

Lawsuit seeks to slow AEG's football stadium (Daily News)

A coalition of downtown groups and environmentalists announced they plan to file a suit against a state law intended to expedite the environmental studies for the proposed Farmers Field adjacent to Staples Center and L.A. Live. Whether the lawsuits produce more studies — and whether those studies tell us anything we don't already know — is another question.

World's longest bus debuts at 98 feet (Tecca)

The three-part bus can carry 256 people and is set to hit the streets of Dresden, Germany, this fall. Officials say it's as easy to drive as a regular bus and has sophisticated technology to help with turning.


5 replies

  1. A 98-foot bus is needed on Wilshire. If the bus is divided into 4 sections (3 joints) for the tighter turns.

  2. As far as I am aware, Metro had to get special government approval for an “extended” bus to use on the Orange line. Those 98 foot buses aren’t street legal in CA, and because the orange line goes onto city streets for Warner Center, it’s difficult to accomplish.

  3. oooooooh! would be nice to get some of those busses on the orange line 😀

  4. Interesting about those 98 foot buses.

    While I still maintain the Orange Line should have been built as light rail, and should still upgraded to light rail, in the meantime why can’t we have some of the new triple articulated buses used in a few other cities around the world with Bus-Rapid-Transit on the Orange Line?

    I have a couple of pics of them here:

    People are currently packed liked sardines between Reseda and North Hollywood. And until we can afford to upgrade to light-rail, can Metro put some of these in the budget?

    Another option is to have short-line Orange Line buses between Reseda and North Hollywood.

    Or, perhaps buses going between CSUN and the Reseda and then joining the Orange Line to North Hollywood. Compared to LA Valley College and Pierce College, CSUN seems underserved by rapid transit.