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5 replies

  1. Steve, do you know any progress with communication between Metro/LADOT for figuring out a solution to the Flower St. intersections for Expo Line?

    • Hi Nick;

      Work continues between Metro and the city of L.A. to speed up the train and solve some issues involving train signals and traffic signals. I think the problem is going to be solved, I’m just not sure when.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Metro has got to do something about the signal timing with the Expo line. I agree with the above poster that there should be no reason we have to wait for cars as much as we do now. As for Dodger Stadium, All they need is one dedicated bus lane for the Dodger express.

  3. I have now taken the Expo line on three separate occasions, and it won’t happen again. For as much as I want to love the light rail concept, I refuse to continue to sit on a train that stops at nearly every intersection (this time on an empty Sunday morning). The Expo line is a $900 million bus. That’s my #metrofail

  4. Silly Steve, that “blue line” on the USC ad in the trains could easily been confused for the “Blue Line.” The ad doesn’t say Expo anywhere on it or even have the dot with the E in it.