Meet Me @Metro III recap

Watts Village Theatre Company’s artist director Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez sets up for the show.

Photos by Gary Leonard

If you missed Meet Me @Metro this past weekend, you have four more chances left to catch the traveling theatre spectacular. There are shows at 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. on both Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2. Tickets are $20 (or whatever amount you can pay for the Saturday 12 p.m. show) and include a Metro day pass and a bag lunch. The journey takes about 3 ½ hours and it’s well worth your time.

Check in or buy your ticket at the East Portal at Union Station. You’ll get a colored wristband assigning you to a group (so you don’t get lost or left behind) and a gold star if you ask for the vegetarian lunch option. You’ll also get a bingo card to play along the trip.

The first performance takes place right in the East Portal. Members of the Watts Village Theatre Company start The Traveling Towers with a nod to immigration and history.

Musicians accompany the tour to the Gold Line platform, creating a festive air. If you’re interested in playing bingo, here’s a hint for you: look out the windows of the train.

A tour guide leads the show towards the Gold Line platform.

A performer in the tunnel.

The first stop is Mariachi Plaza Station, where Moving Arts ghosts await you as you exit. Get in on the act to hear the history of BoyleHeights from an irritated late-mobster.

Filling out the MM@M bingo card.

At Soto Station, Company of Strangers invites you to participate in a moving piece for a departed Marine.

Lunch is served at the East L.A. Civic Center with The Vault, but if you’re attending a Saturday show you can grab something from the farmer’s market. Then enjoy a whimsical party put on by the Rogue Artists Ensemble.

Lunch time!

Party time!

Travel back to Mariachi Plaza Station for a musical showdown between outlaws and a lone guitar-man put on by the East L.A. Rep.

This town ain’t big enough for me and your music.

Finally, return to Union Station for the moving conclusion of The Traveling Towers.