Metro staff recommends list of SR 710 environmental study alternatives be narrowed as process goes forward

Here is the news release from Metro:

Metro staff, working in conjunction with Caltrans, is recommending that the list of alternatives being studied for the SR 710 north-south connection from Alhambra to Pasadena be pared from 12 to five for further environmental study based on operational, engineering, financial and environmental considerations as well as public input. Among alternatives that would not continue are surface route options for Avenue 64 and San Rafael, or underground in the Mount Washington area or any surface highway options in those corridors.

The multi-modal options Metro is recommending go forward for further review include expanded bus rapid transit, light rail, a freeway tunnel, an alternative focused on expanded bus service, intersection and hot spot improvements, ridesharing and telecommuting and intelligent technology system improvements, and a no build option.

These recommendations will be presented Aug. 29 to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of more than 30 engineering and other technical experts representing jurisdictions throughout the region who are working with Metro and its consultants on the SR 710 environmental study.

At the meeting the performance criteria for culling the list of alternatives for further environmental study will be reviewed. The four alternatives plus the no build option will be further refined through the environmental phase, which should be completed by winter 2014. The public will be actively involved in the process as it has been since the SR 710 environmental study began earlier this year.

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