Aerial views of the new El Monte Station

Above are a pair of nice aerial photos taken earlier this week of the new El Monte Station, which is scheduled to open this fall.

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  1. I agree, what a waste. Either Metrolink should be stopping here (platform with a pedestrian bridge would have worked) or this station should have been built either at the current Metrolink facility for purposes of connections and then the current bus center could be a very large park and ride. True, many of the bus riders will only pass through this station, there is enough local buses/routes that either start/end here to feed Metrolink for those who want a faster ride to IE points. Very much like the Carson TC, disconnected from the rail network.

  2. This would have been a great opportunity to work with Metrolink to move the current El Monte station over to this area, combining the station for better accessibility. Also, is Greyhound still going to have a spot here.

  3. A grand structure; that Metrolink misses by about 100 yards, and no plans for rail in future.

  4. First the “opening date” of this transit center was stated as being “August 9” (by Carl Torres to the SGV Service Council). Then the “opening date” was stated (in the SGV Tribune no less!), as being “August 29”. Now its “this fall”? (I have also seen “late summer” as an opening date!). WHY THE CONTINUING DELAYS?? The “temporary terminal” has lost its allure. GET EL MONTE STATION DONE, AND OPEN IT FOR BUS RIDER USE ALREADY! Its been two years! We are tired of waiting!