Doors on Metro Rail put on passenger release mode to preserve air conditioning

The doors on your train this afternoon are not broken! Here’s the alert from Metro’s Twitter feed:

Due to #FlexAlert, Metro Rail doors to be placed on passenger release mode to help keep A/C inside. Use door adjacent button to open.

The ongoing heat wave has raised concerns that the power grid will crash due to over-use.

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  1. I did not ride the light rail lines when they were in passenger release mode, but I can understand how closed doors could confuse some folks initially. Might it be possible to have the door release buttons flash rapidly to attract attention instead of just glowing?

    P.S. And a shout out to commenter Michael for adding a little humor to the discussion! 🙂

  2. What are we, a third world country? There should not be any limitations on our access to energy. We need to increase our supply of energy. The idea that we need to “conserve” energy is a joke.

  3. This is a good idea, but it’s just going to confuse people more cause they’re gonna wonder why the doors of the trains aren’t opening. Passengers are always getting on the wrong trains cause they don’t read the signs on the trains (ie. Getting on the Expo Train instead of the Blue Line). Read the destination sign on the trains people!!!!! It’s not hard!

  4. Hmm. Blue Line doors were back to normal “all doors open at every stop” mode by the time I got on last night around 5:20 PM.

    Seems like no big deal to me: the San Diego Trolley is always in “passenger release” mode. I think the SF Muni Metro may be that way most of the time, at street (“stairs down”) stops. And I seem to recall at least one other system where that’s the default mode, maybe the Sacramento RT.

  5. Assume this is not on Red or Purple trains, or just those cars on other lines with passenger release facility. True?

  6. The doors on the metro rail should be like this all the time. In a lot of places in Europe the trains are always closed unless someone presses the button to open the door.

  7. I running for the Pasadena Gold Line train today, and the doors closed on me just before I reached the train. An older gentleman loitering around told me to push the green button to open the door. That was a first for me.