California Geological Survey tells BHUSD more work is needed on their study of West Beverly Hills Lineament

The Beverly Hills Weekly has published a story (pdf, pages 4 to 7) today about a California Geological Survey review of an earthquake fault study contracted by the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

The School District has said that the study, done by Leighton Consultants, shows that the West Beverly Hills Lineament is not active under the Beverly Hills High School campus. The Geological Survey letter says that more work needs to be done before that conclusion is justified.

A state lawsuit has been filed by the School District against Metro involving the adequacy of the environmental documents for the Westside Subway Extension. Metro’s studies concluded that the West Beverly Hills Lineament is active in the High School area but can safely be crossed by the tunnels at a near perpendicular angle. Metro’s studies also concluded that the Santa Monica Fault is active along Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City and that a subway station could not be safely built at that location.

Here is the letter (link is here):

California Geological Survey letter

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  1. Take that, BHUSD! Your own studies don’t even study the Santa Monica Blvd fault! How embarrassing for you, especially John Mirisch of the BH City Council (who has done nothing but spew lies about tunneling under buildings, including schools).