Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Aug. 8

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Headlines blog, which you can also access via email subscription or RSS feed.

After a few blissful days in the Sierra backcountry — see above — I'm back at the helm of The Source. And, as has seemingly become custom, I managed to miss a lot going on in the past few days. I'll try to catch up with everything ASAP. In the meantime, geographically-attuned readers should feel free to guess the name of the above lakes in the comments section. The color of the water is a hint.

Board of Supervisors approves putting Measure R extension on ballot (L.A. Times)

The Board voted 3 to 1 to put the 30-year extension of the Measure R half-cent sales tax on the November ballot. Supervisor Don Knabe, who is against the extension, said the Board was told by county attorneys that it was legally bound to send the issue to voters and could only vote against for technical violations. There are still hurdles to clear: A bill still must be approved by the state Legislature and signed by Gov. Brown in order for the issue to reach voters this fall.

Number of pedestrian deaths climbs in 2010 (NHTSA)

There were 4,280 pedestrians killed by vehicles in 2010 in the United States, a four percent increase from the 4,109 who perished in 2009. The new report from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration lists only numbers — not causes. The overall trend is better, as the number of deaths has dropped in the past decade. The obvious question is whether increased distractions to motorists — i.e. smartphones, weather, etc. — has anything to do with it.

Customers taking to wi-fi in New York subway (Associated Press)

The wi-fi is available in a handful of subway stations in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, along with cell phone service for AT&T and Sprint customers. The lure for the company providing the wi-fi is the potential to advertise to smartphone users. Metro, by the way, is still working on providing wi-fi and cell phone service in the subway system here.


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    • Hi James;

      I pronounce you The Most Geographically Attuned Reader in the Relatively Short History of The Source! That’s First and Second Lakes, both fed by runoff from the Palisades Glacier above — thus the cool color. I took the photo while coming down the trail from Black Lake. Pretty stunning place and an easy four-hour drive from L.A. Land.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source