Date set for Space Shuttle Endeavour arrival at California Science Center … just steps from Expo

Space Shuttle Endeavour/Kennedy Image Gallery via Flickr

We finally have a date for arrival and transfer of Space Shuttle Endeavour to the California Science Center, just steps from the Expo Park/USC station.

Endeavour will be flown in to LAX Sept. 20, weather permitting, on top of a NASA Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier. It then will be transferred to a United Airlines hangar where it will stay until final preparations are made for its move on the morning of Oct. 12. The move to the Science Center will take two days, as the 58-foot-tall shuttle is transported under raised transmissions lines and across the 405 Freeway to Inglewood City Hall for an official launch ceremony Oct. 13. It then will be transported to the intersection of Martin Luther King and Crenshaw boulevards for a celebration of Mission 26. The shuttle is expected to reach the California Science Center in Exposition Park that evening.

The route can be accessed on the California Science Center’s website.The public is invited to serve as volunteers along the route. Those interested can sign up on the website as well.

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  1. I believe the southernmost runway (by Proud Bird)….I heard that on

    Also, it would make sense, since the United hangar is on the southern runways.
    But then again, we all thought the A380 was going to land on the southern runways, which are the longest…..nope, if you recall, it landed on the northern runways which are the shortest!

    But I have a good feeling that this 747 and Endevaour combo will need the longest runways possible.

  2. Do you know what runway it will be landing on? I’m trying to figure out if I should go to the Proud Bird or the In ‘N Out on Sepulveda that day.