Monumental sculpture installation in progress at new El Monte Station!

Artist Donald Lipski stands in front of Time Piece, the sculpture he designed for the El Monte Station, as it’s being installed. When complete the sculpture will include three double sided clocks, which will be suspended by a network of cables from this sweeping 30 foot tall stainless steel arch.

An iconic, large-scale sculpture by Donald Lipski is being installed this week at Metro’s new El Monte Station, which is slated to open in late summer 2012. Here are a few photos showing the progress of installation.

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The artist with John Grant, the artist’s project manager, standing with part of the sculpture before it’s hoisted skyward. JunoWorks fabricated the arch and cabling system for the clocks.

Detail of Time Piece before it’s installed. Each clock weighs a hefty 350 lbs. and is manufactured by the Verdin Company, the nearly 170-year old maker of clocks and bells, which has been operated by six generations of the Verdin family since 1842.


4 replies

  1. How much did this cost taxpayers when it could’ve been used elsewhere?

  2. I just went through El Monte Station 3 hours ago, and the “sculpture” appeared to have been completely installed. Now, can someone please explain WHY the MTA places MORE EMPHASIS on “installing artwork” at transit centers, and light-rail stations, then COMPLETING THE CONSTRUCTION OF THEM SO THAT MTA BUS/RAIL RIDERS CAN ACTUALLY USE THE NEW FACILITIES? It sucks that “completion” of things like El Monte Station, or the Expo Line stations is SLOWED DOWN over “artwork” which could just as easily be installed AFTER the newly constructed stations are open to MTA riders! Put the RIDERS FIRST, NOT THE “ARTWORK”!

  3. It would be nice to know how much of taxpayers’ money was footed for this.