August Service Council preview

We published a post last week explaining Metro’s service councils and their role in the agency’s bus service.

This is the first of what will be a monthly article highlighting the presentations scheduled for upcoming meetings. For a listing of the dates, times and locations of all five service council meetings, click here. For more information about each service council, click on the name of the service council listed below.

All council meetings include a report from Metro Service Council Director Jon Hillmer providing monthly statistics on ridership, performance and other measures of Metro service.

Coming up in August, all Councils will receive an update on Expo Line preparations for the upcoming USC football season. Over the next year or so, each Council will be working with staff on “corridor studies” that will delve into the details of a specific bus corridor within their area. Most months, staff will be bringing information about that corridor to the Council. The specific corridors for each Council are shown below along with other agenda items scheduled for August:

San Fernando Valley (8/1) – Universal Station Pedestrian Bridge, Upcoming I-405 Closure (Carmageddon II), Van Nuys Blvd. Bus Lines 233 and 761 Corridor Study

More info is after the jump!

Westside/Central (8/8) – Upcoming I-405 Closure (Carmageddon II), Santa Monica Blvd. Bus Lines 4 and 704 Corridor Study

Gateway Cities (8/9) – Efforts to improve cleanliness of park and ride lots, Inventory of Bus Station and Park and Ride Lot Cleanliness, Florence Ave. Bus Lines 111 and 311 Corridor Study

South Bay (8/10) – Bus Station Cleanliness Report, Update on Harbor/Gateway Station, Update on ExpressLanes, Crenshaw Blvd. Bus Lines 210 and 710 Corridor Study

San Gabriel Valley (8/13) – Update on Foothill Transit TAP Integration, Recap of San Gabriel Valley Transit Providers Meeting, Review of Bus Line 485, Garvey Ave. Bus Lines 70 and 770, and Line 76 on Valley Blvd. Corridor Study

All service councils welcome and encourage public participation. If you would like to comment at any of the meetings, please fill out a speaker card when you arrive noting the specific item you are there to address.  General comments on issues that aren’t on the agenda are taken as a part of the “public comment” section of the agenda.  If you would like to provide input to the council, but cannot attend a meeting, you can submit your comments in writing through the service council web page or send them to  If your comments are for a specific council, please make sure to indicate which one you are addressing.

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  1. I think we can assume that

    >>>Bus Lines 211 and 311 Corridor Study

    is for Line 111 and 311.

  2. This month’s SGV Council meeting’s agenda has a “review” of the schedules of Lines 266, 270, and 485. Does this mean that these bus lines (the 266 and 270) are going to be CUT AGAIN (they are already OVERCROWDED ON A DAILY BASIS!)? Considering that I work when this “Service Council” meets-how does one get “Public Comments” to them?

    • Thanks again to everyone sending in their comments on Metro Service Council meetings. In response to “Neglected Bus Rider,” the San Gabriel Valley Service Council is not considering any proposed cuts for Lines 266, 270 and 485 at their August meeting. Instead, the Council asked for more information about Lines 266 and 270 in response to comments from a customer requesting more service on these lines. The review of Line 485 was requested by one of the SGV Service Council representatives. This line was significantly modified one year ago, and the council wants to see if the new route and schedule has achieved the intended goals or if additional modifications might be warranted.
      To get written comments to the council, please submit your comments in writing through the service council web page or send them to If your comments are for a specific council, please make sure to indicate which one you are addressing.
      — David Hershenson, Metro Community Relations Manager