Leahy proposes free system-wide rides on Metro during Carmageddon II

One early highlight from today’s Metro Board meeting:

Metro CEO Art Leahy said that he plans to ask the Board at their next meeting — on Aug. 6 — to approve free system-wide rides on Carmageddon II weekend, Saturday, Sept. 29, and Sunday, Sept. 30. He also said that there will be an accommodation for passholders who already will have paid for that service.

During the first Carmageddon, free rides were offered on parts of the Metro system that mostly served the San Fernando Valley and Westside.


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  1. Peter:: You can try http://www.Metro.net for Metro ticket/pass information. And for Metrolink http://www.metrolinktrains.com. I know for a fact that the weekend Metrolink tickets are $10 for the weekend and are good from Friday night at 7:00p until 12:00am Sunday night (but they don’t have any trains that run that late that I know of) The weekend passes from Metrolink work as a day pass on Metro subways/light rails and buses as well, no other fare should be needed, except maybe if you take a Metro freeway bus. If all else fails call Metro information (323) 466-3876 or 323-GO-METRO and for Metrolink its 1-800-371-5465 or 1-800-371-LINK. Hope you have fun making use of your weekend passes!

  2. Awesome! Thanks everyone. It’s just been so confusing to me… Is there a page that helps better describe the functions of the tickets/where people are allowed for me to share with friends and family? We’ve been meaning to take advantage of the weekend pass.

  3. @Peter: System-wide only covers the Metro-trains (MTA) subways and light rails as well as MTA buses too. So if Art Leahy gets it approved then it will cover rides on the Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Expo& Orange plus the buses.

    The difference between Metro subways/light rails and Metrolink is the Metrolink trains go a much farther distance covering outside Downtown LA and LA county like MTA does. If you have to go through a couple counties on a train its probaby Metrolink. Say you live in LA and wanted to go to Disneyland; you get on the MetroLink train at Union station and got off the train at Anaheim station then take an OCTA bus to Disneyland, you changed counties from LA to Orange county (And yes you could take the red line to the Metro bus #460 to get there but I’m almost positive it takes much more time then the above route). When you purchase a ticket on the Metrolink it works as a day pass on Metro. Its the same for week, monthly and the weekend passes as well. Although I don’t think it covers zone charges on MTA buses. You can call 323-GO-METRO to confirm that. But yes Metro and Metrolink are 2 separate companies. Thats why the fare is different too. Metrolink charges by distance, MTA charges per ride. I hope this helps. Happy travels everyone!

  4. Peter, the LA County Metro trains (with the colored line names) and busses are the only ones that would be free this weekend.

    A pass for the LA County Metro is never good on the Metrolink trains (the bigger, double decker ones that cross county lines), but a Metrolink ticket (including the weekend pass you talk about) is valid on the Metro trains and busses within LA County.

    So, your friend who buys the weekend pass for a Metrolink train for $10 would not have to buy a $1.50 ticket for the Gold Line as well. As long as the Metrolink ticket is valid (so during that weekend only), it counts as valid fare within the LA county Metro system.

    I know the names can get confusing. Metro is only within LA County and Metrolink links to other counties.

  5. Frank M – There is plenty that I find fault with the Los Angeles MTA, but I think criticizing every post takes away from the valid points you’ve brought up before (and are sure to bring up in the future).

  6. So is there a difference between MetroTrains and MetroLink? I mean there are the trains that go between Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties and then there are the ones that stay within Los Angeles (Gold Line, Red Line, Subway system, etc.).

    I’m asking because I know someone who used to work for MTA/Amtrak and he distinguishes between the two, even though he buys the weekend system-wide weekend pass, he’ll still purchase a ticket from one end of the Gold Line to get to another part of the Gold Line. Trying to get clarification so I don’t get caught not having the correct pass.

    I didn’t know that about the buses being part of the system, I always assumed it was just meant for the trains/subway.

  7. The free rides should be included on Friday, Sep. 28th as well because the ramps are closed at 7 pm. This will give as extra incentive for the commuters to take public transit on that Friday.

  8. What do you mean by “system-wide?” Does that mean Metrolink, Metro-Trains, and Metro-Bus’s? That’s never been quite clear with me, including the all weekend passes.

  9. I think this is a great idea. It’s an incentive for people who normally don’t take transit to just hop on.

  10. Soccer moms and big white SUV drivers can’t pay that money! I wouldn’t worry – 90% of the bus driver will not know it’s a free day and 90% of people will end up tapping in or inserting efectivo anywhoo….

  11. “Free” rides aren’t free, they come back as a cost to taxpayers.

  12. This one day really isn’t about the revenue… it’s about taking advantage of a captive audience to introduce new riders to the system.

    Last Carmageddon day (with free Metro Red/Orange Lines), a group of friends and I rode the Red Line to the Orange Line — somewhere we absolutely would not have gone otherwise — and explored the lakes and recreation areas in the valley. Some of this group had never ridden the subway before that… and they’ve done it plenty of times since.

  13. I agree with the idea. It’s an incentive that can only stimulate the general public’s interest and faith in public transit. Sadly enough to say, I know people who had no idea we had rails in LA.

    I hope Leahy manages to get this approved

  14. Why can’t people pay the $5 daily pass fare or $1.50 one-way ride? Why lose on all that potential revenue?