Students at summer science camp study the Expo Line


Science camps have come a long way since the days of making bottle rockets and building balsa wood bridges. The middle school students attending the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp at USC this year were studying urban infrastructure, green technology and how to reduce congestion and pollution through light rail transit. As it so happened, the Expo Line was conveniently available for them to use as a case scenario.

A future urban transportation planner at work! This camper is at the computer programming his robot “train” for its run through the LEGO city.

The 48 campers from grades 6-8 spent two weeks analyzing the Expo Phase II Final Environmental Impact Report, studying the route alignment and designing their own cities and autonomous light rail vehicles. They also got the chance to go on excursions and see the science at work out in the field. Earlier this morning, the students presented their LEGO-made master cities, the robots they designed and programmed to run through those cities (see video posted above, and yes that is this year’s Festival of Books dinosaur in the background) and stated their findings and opinions on the Expo Line Phase II.

While the summer science camp ended today, the campers’ love of science and engineering continue on. Who knows, one of these kids could be designing a real rail system for Metro one day!

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