Blue Line delays this morning

Just a reminder: if you were late to work or school because of the power outage on the Blue Line this morning between the Anaheim and Del Amo stations, you can contact Metro customer relations to receive a verification of the delay by calling 213.922.6235 or faxing 213.922.6988.

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  1. Metro really should fix this, and quickly, and I am sure they are. However, its issues have become freuquent enough that my “rail over wheels” policy is debunked. I am always a bit wary since we usually have problems after it rains also (anyone else notice this?). Being that it is our oldest and longest line, it definitely needs the most care. Its problems should also be studied (if they are not) so that the Gold and Expo do not deal with the same issues 15 and 20 years from now. I used to love riding the Blue, but unfortunately it has become very unreliable at times, especially late at night, but I guess this is what I could expect for $75 a month.

  2. FYI – Not all employers are that forgiving. Regardless to how many ‘letters from home’ explaining your tardiness.

  3. Odd…no. Upset…yes! There was a muffled announcement (because only 1 speaker at the station was operational), while the crawl continued the mundane notices with no information for commuters. It would’ve been nice to know (especially if you are hearing impaired), so you could make alternative arrangements.

    • Hi Leilla;

      I don’t have the list of all those numbers. It’s probably best to call the general Metro number and explain who you are trying to reach. 323.466.3876.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. Gee what a surprise, more troubles on the Blue Line.

    Such things are happening every week that it’s now becoming a bad joke. What’s Metro’s plan to find funds to fix this? Let me guess:

    Raise fares
    Higher taxes
    Service cuts

    Yep, sounds about right. The only three choices Metro always tends to come up with.

    So once the Regional Connector and the LAX Transit Corridor etc. are built, how will we find funds to do all the increased service and maintenance needed for all the other lines in this expanded system? Well, LA doesn’t have any solid plan to increase their farebox recovery ratio so considering that farebox recovery still remains at today’s level, the answer will still remain the same:

    Raise fares
    Higher taxes
    Service cuts

    See how this thing is a death spiral of heading our way to the poor house?