Metro to run all trains and Orange Line busway until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights!!!

In the nearly three years that I’ve been running this blog, I’m pretty sure the most requested service change from readers has been for more late night rail service, particularly on the weekends.

Metro CEO Art Leahy has decided to do just that. The specifics:

•All Metro Rail lines will run until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. That includes the Red/Purple Line subway, the Blue Line, Expo Line, Green Line and Gold Line.

•Trains will run every 20 minutes between midnight and 2 a.m.

•The Orange Line will run until 2:40 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights in order to meet the last trains at the North Hollywood Red Line station. The Orange Line will also run every 20 minutes between midnight and 2:40 a.m.

•The plan at this moment is to begin late-night service on the weekend of July 27-28 but Metro is also working to determine if late night service is needed on the Silver Line, as well as working with Metrolink on the possibility of extending their service to connect with Metro’s.

Metro will provide more details on scheduling later in the month and there will be a considerable p.r. push to let everyone know about the new service. Suffice it to say, this is good news for workers and those going out on weekend nights, whether it’s to restaurants, bars or the many events in the region.

Here’s a statement on the new service from Los Angeles Councilman and Metro Board Member Jose Huizar:

“I’m very pleased that Metro is extending late-night, weekend train service hours to 2 a.m.
In 2008, my office launched a similar, public/private partnership extending Red Line service hours during the winter holidays. Following the popularity of that program, I’ve heard from many people for the need to permanently extend Metro train service hours. In Downtown Los Angeles, Metro’s extended Friday, Saturday evening hours will allow more customers to enjoy the many exciting late-night venues we offer, as well encourage more people to use public transportation.”

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  1. As a person who has spent hundreds of dollars in taxicab fare in order to get from Union Station to Pasadena after the last 11:53pm Gold Line train has left, this is a huge advancement. Now I won’t have to leave the West Side at 10pm in order to get home in a timely manner.


  2. My prayers have been answered! Thumbs up to you Metro!

    This lets me stay out in WeHo until (probably around) 1am and be able to catch the last Gold Line train to Pasadena.

  3. Will there be any increase in Gold Line service? The Red/Purple/Blue every-ten-minutes-til-midnight was supposed to be a test run with possibly increased service on Gold coming later.

    This late night service til 2 am is awesome, just wondering if there will be an increase on Gold Line up til midnight to match the other lines.

    • Hi Steve;

      I don’t know yet if Gold Line is increasing frequency to match subway/Blue. More details later in the month.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Hi Erik;

      Metro staff is looking at Silver Line to determine if should run late night as well.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. A HUGE THUMBS UP! I missed a gold line train at Union and had to wait an hour to get picked up. I’d like to take the train to LA and do things in LA, but sometimes it’s not convenient to have to leave early because you won’t get a ride back. This is great news!

  5. It’s a very good start. Most bars & clubs close at 1:45 AM, so running the lines until 3 AM would have been better.

  6. So happy to see the Red line open until 2am. Traveling between Hollywood and NoHo just got a lot easier.

  7. In addition, this also makes the LAX Flyaway to Union Station feasible for those unlucky souls with middle-of-the-night departures to or late night arrivals from LAX!

  8. The 704 Bus should run until 2:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday too.

    The Local 4 is packed like sardines with club patrons. It would encourage people not to drink and drive to their nightclubs.

    In fact, while not a special Friday/Saturday night bus that connects Santa Monica and Sunset Blvds. to the Sunset/Vine station? The bus can even play House music to get everybody in a good mood.

  9. This is fantastic news for those of us who like to take the Metro to go downtown for dinner or drinks and want to catch a movie, but don’t want to have to drive or take a taxi back. This decision is a significant improvement in quality of life for transit riders, and I applaud wholeheartedly.

  10. !!! This is a prank, right? It’s Friday the 13th, is that virtual April Fool’s or something?

    Am I awake?

  11. Has there been any consideration given to the possibility of extending train service hours by using the shuttle lines late night when the stations are closed? This would allow stranded peple to get home during the rest of the wek. Regardless, this is good news. Thanks

  12. You mean the metro is finally going to be (somewhat) useful for having fun?? Now all we need is the bus lines to run more frequently and I’ll be sold!

  13. Oh – and merge with LA DOT busses – it’s great that we can now Tap, but it’d be even better if they were included in the monthly pass!

  14. Finally!!!
    I’ve been saying this for years! The best way to increase metro ridership is by extending the hours. It’s way cheaper than building a whole new line, and make the city safer by reducing after club drunk driving.
    Now why not 3am? I know last call is 1am, but the club closes at 2am. Gives everyone more time to sober up, get out of club, and get on the train safely.

  15. Wonderful! This is a great start. Wouldn’t have helped me last night when I was stranded in Long Beach after finding myself on the “Last Train” to LA that doesn’t go all the way to the end of the line though. I digress. Personally, I feel that the trains should run until at least 3 AM every day. There are too many people in service jobs that don’t finish (or start, in some cases) until around 2 am. Think of all the bartenders, bar backs, and waitstaff. Sure, for patrons they have the option of leaving the bar around last call in order to take the train but the staff will have to stay beyond 2:30 cleaning up and closing shop; they don’t benefit from this change as much as they should.

    LA needs to take notes from the many cities in the US, nay, the world that just flat out do things better than they are here by several magnitudes. This area seriously needs to get with the times.

  16. I would take late night service to 2 a.m. over “every 10 minute night service” that much of the time doesn’t exist because of track work. You can still run 20 minute service on one track as the Red/Purple Line and Blue Line work has proven.

    As for the Silver Line I’d be happy if we just get 3 buses an hour after 9 p.m. Due to yesterday’s mini-riot, the schedules were shifted off by about 25 minutes, thus blowing connections at each end of the line. The fact that the driver took his entire “break” by walking to the division office, rather than just using the restroom at El Monte Station, didn’t help.

  17. This is a great step in the right direction. People will be taking full advantage of this so that they can avoid expensive cab fares and possible DUIs.

    Good work, Metro!

  18. Here’s hoping Metrolink adds a later train on Friday/Saturday on the San Bernardino line! If they do I will actually be able to go to the theatre and back without running to catch an 11:30 pm train 😀

  19. Thank you Metro… We can now take our time finishing our late dinner downtown and get back to Hollywood!! Keep thinking of us late diners!:)

  20. I read about this yesterday on but thought it was too good to be true. I’m so excited! You better believe I’ll be using the expo line to get home from downtown 😀

  21. This is amazing news!! I have started a local grassroots organization, Riding Green, focused on increasing public transportation usage in the city through offering discounts to patrons. While the main goal is for Angelinos to liver more sustainable, it is also in effort of creating a demand to get our subway and ilght-rail to at least stay open until the bars close. And now it has happened. Well, on the weekends at least. To learn about Riding Green visit us at and please show your support by liking us at http://www.facebook.comgreenridersla. Huge success for LA and a good sign of what is to come in the future.

  22. This is fantastic. I hope you adjust the schedules of Metro buses with owl service to make transfers convenient for those of us that don’t live right next to a station.

  23. That’s great! People who come from Street Food Cinema have more time to go home to the Valley like me!

  24. make it 24 hours and people will REALLY be happy. last call is at 2, by time people make it to their train it would be 2:30 or later. to truly accommodate L.A. needs to step it up and take lessons from NY

  25. Just out of curiosity.. where is the money to support this coming from?

  26. Awesome!! Now make this every day bc I go out on week days not week ends ha

  27. Thank you. This is a great step in reducing drunk driving. Providing people with good alternatives is far more effective than simply asking them not to drink and drive. Hopefully this can be expanded to cover more active bar nights (Wed-Sat) and to 3am to capture those with long walks to a station.

  28. Thank you MTA! This means that people will have an additional and more affordable option to drinking and driving!! Angelenos can now discover new neighborhoods to play in and know that there is public transit available when one has a drink too many! This is great news. Finally becoming a world-class city!

  29. This is awesome. HOWEVER, i think its also important to remember that the last trains should probably leave stations at around 2:15 or 2:30. The bars close at 2 am, so people need time to get to the train before they leave. Don’t know if my humble opinion will reach metro decision makers, but just a thought from a loyal metro rider who likes to go to the bar on weekends, and doesn’t like to drive

  30. Bye-bye Cinderella curfew! Thank you Metro! No more worrying about missed trains if your show, concert, opera, party, job, etc. lets out past mid-night! This goes a long way toward making riding Metro more appealing for many and making this a system that is a cut above! We just got back from Budapest, and their system stops at mid-night!

  31. I appreciate METRO extending their hours of service on the Orange Line and rail systems, which is only going to draw more riders to METRO, however, I would like to know is there going to be any SHERIFF’S patrolling the lines at night to ensure passenger safety. Thank you.

  32. What about the Metro Silver Line? Service after 9:00 p.m. is terrible. It is inconvenient to wait for a bus every 60 mins. Service should run every 30 mins and run until 2:30 A.M.

  33. This is awesome news. Thanks for thinking of safety first, profits second.
    But I agree with a previous contributor, the last last trains should leave their terminal at 2:20 or 2:30. Isn’t that nice of us? Metro tells us they are going to keep the trains running late, and we complain that they are not keeping them running late enough. Sorry.

  34. Its nice that they are going to run the Orange Line later. What they really need is to run more buses at night. The buses are packed when leaving North Hollywood. People with bikes are left waiting because the racks are full. Also the buses are so crowded that they can not get everyone waiting on the bus. Twenty minutes between buses is to long. I think they should go to 12 to 15 minutes.

  35. I work on weekends. I go out on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so what about weekdays? amd why not 24 hours? bars close at 2, I wouldn’t be at a train till 2:30-3:00, depending where I would be coming from. and it’s not just bars, there are different things to do. although this is a step in the right direction, trains should be 24 hours. isn’t this the 2nd most populated city in the country? c’mon.

  36. Thank you!! This not only will keep the people who ride the trains safer, it will keep everyone else on the highways and the roads safer from drunk drivers. Great move!!

  37. Thank you for this. I would like to reiterate what Chris said, this is a great way to reduce drunk driving. We could always use more trains, but this is a fantastic start.

  38. This will not reduce drunk driving. People that are irresponsible are not going to take the train and leave their car behind.

    Now those that live along the Gold Line will have train noise until 2:00AM. This is a very bad idea. People that live along the train line should have MTA to put in sound proof doors and windows in their homes.

  39. Finally!! Hooray Metro, you did what we asked you to. Everyone get out & use the new hours, so we can convince them to stretch out service beyond 2 am like everyone wants. Great move, Metro.