Roscoe Station artwork installed!

20 foot-long art panel installed at Roscoe Station. There are three art panels at this station.

The Orange Line Extension opened last month. Here are a few photos of the 27-foot-long ellipses and 20-foot-long art panels designed by Sam Erenberg for Roscoe Station that we didn’t get posted before the opening. More information about the artwork is available here.

See images from the installations at Sherman Way, Canoga, Nordhoff and Chatsworth Stations.

Art panel being installed

Art panel being installed

Thousands of tiny pieces of hand-cut mosaics are installed at one of the new platforms at Roscoe Station

Detail of twenty-seven foot long mosaic artwork being installed at Roscoe Station

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  1. I have always liked the fact some art is always included at most stations. However, this installation looks like a vandalism waiting to happen. Special installations like this should be located in such a way they can not be reached easily.