Blue Line delays this morning

UPDATE, 10:25 A.M. Repairs are complete and normal service has resumed. If you were delayed by the Blue Line this morning and need verification for work or school, please call Metro Customer Relations at  213.922.6235 / Fax 213.922.6988.

Good morning, Blue Line riders. It looks like some delays will continue through this morning while repairs are made to a damaged pole and overhead wire between the Willow station and the Blue Line maintenance yard.

Trains are running every 10 minutes between 7th/Metro and Willowbrook and every 20 minutes between Willowbrook and Long Beach while single-tracking between Wardlow and Artesia.

The best way to get service alerts is to subscribe to Metro’s Twitter feed, check the homepage or install the Metro app on your smartphone.


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  1. All these delays with the Blue Lines, the poor planning of the Expo Line between Downtown LA and USC, you have to wonder why increasing number people are having less faith that government can’t get anything right when it comes to transit.

    Simply said: “this is what your taxes paid for folks.”