Wolfpack Hustle: 2012 Midnight Drag Race

From state-champions to local big shots, there are tons of super fast cyclists that claim to be fastest of the fast. However, there’s only one way to settle who’s fit to be throned with the title as the fastest cyclist amongst the chatter of the cycling community, and that readers is through this year’s upcoming Wolfpack Hustle’s Midnight Drag Race.

Wolfpack Hustle, the very same local bike group that raced one of JetBlue’s planes to come out victorious during last year’s Carmageddon, and held one of the biggest underground races in the West Coast of the United States by crashing the L.A. Marathon Course last March, is back in action to thrill the cycling community once more this year.

On July 28th, 300 cyclists from all walks of life will gather in downtown L.A. and battle it out amongst each other inside the beautiful and historic 2nd Street tunnel.

Photo by hermitsmoores, via Flickr creative commons

Racing in pairs of two, each cyclist will start from the bottom of the leaderboard, and hustle to get the shortest time in their paired race. From there, the top 16 riders in both the men’s and women’s division with the fastest times will compete in a final elimination tournament, where only one will come out victorious with a set of custom made, rare Wolfpack Hustle dogtags as their reward. The large amount of respect and street cred induced by the cycling community onto the rider who wins them, alone, makes these items priceless and sought after by cyclists across the world.

Event Floor Plan

The event is free for the public to watch and register to participate in, and will start at 8 p.m. on Saturday and last on through the night. There will be delicious food trucks, great music, restrooms, bike valets, and limited-time merchandise sold during the event. Everyone is welcome to come on down with their families to enjoy this once in a lifetime local summer cycling event.

Metro riders going to the event can take either the Red or Purple line and exit at Civic Center Station, or take Local Lines 55/355 or 60 and exit at Figueroa/2nd St.

Thanks to Councilman Jose Huizar of District 14, Sara Hernandez Downtown Area Director for CD14, and Senior Lead Officer Gordon Helper of the Los Angeles Police Department, the event is the first legally permitted race held by the group Wolfpack Hustle.

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