Gallery: Metro Orange Line Extension on opening day

On board the Orange Line bound for Chatsworth

On board the Orange Line bound for Chatsworth

June 30, 2012: Scenes from opening day of the Metro Orange Line Extension to Chatsworth. Click on images below to view.

Photos by Gary Leonard

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  1. 7-12-12

    This should never have been a BUS line in the first place. People who live in the S. F. Valley (just as those in Orange County) have been cheated out of their proper electrified RAIL service. This Orange “line” needs to be converted BACK to the rail line it once was, but updated for modern passenger service. Indeed, continued eastward beyond the present North Hollywood subway station, along the old right-of-way, elevated or tunneled if necessary, through Burbank – to, at least, that city’s Metrolink TRAIN station. What’s gained by light rail: More passengers per driver, more per vehicle, NO fossil fuel use (solar energy, capable of being generated within MTA’s own property if needed), and GREATER customer satisfaction. I’m sure that the fossil fuel industry, in particular, has never met a (non-trolley) bus it didn’t LOVE. The more the internal combustion engine population grows, the more the Valley suffers in its SMOG BOWL condition.
    —- G J P