New video promoting Orange Line Extension

Here’s the new 30-second spot promoting the Orange Line Extension to Chatsworth — it opens Saturday, June 30.

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  1. I noticed this same exact video being played at the Vermont/Sunset Red Line LCD display; this was also the first time I’ve seen motion video on those LCD.

  2. I also saw this playing in the subway at 7th Street Metro Center. Nice to see some more interesting content on those LCD displays.

  3. Obviously a 30-second video promo spot is going to have limitations. Given the choice between showing Metrolink and Amtrak on the video, I’d say they made the right choice.

    For one thing, Metrolink is partially owned by Metro, so I’m betting there would be fewer potential issues showing it.

    I love Amtrak, but honestly Metrolink is more of a commuter service. You’re going to see more Metrolink trains than Amtrak trains at Chatsworth, which means more opportunities for Metro passengers to make connections.