Cheap and tasty eats on the Expo Line from the 99 Cent Chef

Blogger Billy Vasquez — aka the 99 Cent Chef — has a great review of all the delicious and cheap food you can find within walking distance of the Expo Line. It’s a handy guide for those thinking of going Metro to explore some of the newest neighborhoods to have a Metro Rail station.

Here’s Vasquez’s video recap — a montage of scenes from the train ride and the tasty eats that he tracks down.

I’d like to echo the India Sweets & Spices recommendation. It’s some of the tastiest Indian food in L.A., period. Plus you can stuff yourself for about $8! Be sure to try the samosas.

H/T to Culver City Patch.

3 replies

  1. What a great VideoLog. Inspired and informative. I hear the Expo line calling and I intend to answer…soon. My daily commute takes me East on the Red and Gold lines, but Expo will be for fun.

  2. I hope someone lets Chef Vasquez know about the Gold Line stop in Little Tokyo.

    Just think of the Culinary adventures once the Roybal Gold Line is through-routed to the Expo Line, as planned via the Downtown Connector. King Taco, Octopus Sushi, the snack store in the 7th and Hope entrance at Metro Center, then this tour and furher to Santa Monica.

  3. Yo, somebody needs to buy this guy a skateboard for his tracking shots!

    Other than that, well done 99 Cent Chef!