Video: Expo Line from La Cienega to Culver City station

Here’s a nice video posted to YouTube by the Culver City Times of the train ride from the La Cienega/Jefferson station to the Culver City station, which opened yesterday. The video offers a nice view of the new separated bike path along that segment of the line, as well as the view up Ballona Creek.

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  1. LA is such a cesspool with so much wasted space! Why was that humongous parking lot at the end built on the surface? What a complete waste of resources and cause of global warming. All people who lived in the crappy housing tracts that were built over inland farms could be better accommodated by infill housing built over ugly parking lots like in this video.

  2. The parking lot will be turned into dense, mixed use TOD within a few years…

  3. Well, if you want to be technical when the tracks get to the bridge over National you’re seeing the low density single family homes of Culver City, not City of Los Angeles, however, at the corner of National/Jefferson a 20 story office tower will be built on what is now a parking lot, as will a medium/high density mixed use retail and housing where the Culver City station parking lot is and on the southeastern corner of Washington/National.

  4. It looks like the construction of the SE corner is progressing – rumors have a Whole Foods going in there. I can’t find any confirmation of that. Does anyone know who/what is building there.


  5. I like the way the bike path has nice gaps in the sound walls to access the residential neighborhoods to the north of the tracks and west of the park.. Is this 100% bike path, or can pedestrians use it also?

    • Hi Mark;

      I believe pedestrians can use the path, too, but they should use caution and make sure they give cyclists space.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  6. Yeah and how much will those new condos costs? $500,000+ so that only the rich can afford?

  7. The train seemed to move slower than the allowed speed of 55 mph . Was this just yet another signaling issue? This is an issue I noticed on the entire line before and seems just as pervasive here. Every minute counts with rapid transit. Lets hope this all gets improved soon…