All aboard at Expo Line’s Culver City and Farmdale stations!

Photos by Carter Rubin/Metro.

The above photo was taken a few minutes ago of the first few passengers to board an Expo Line train at the Culver City station. Regular service is starting right about now. Below is a photo taken earlier this hour.

And below is a pic of the Farmdale station taken about 11:30 a.m.

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  1. I took the EXPO line from La Cienega to Downtown recently. I am not that familiar with the Culver City East area. I am happy Metro planted so many trees along the route. When the Ginkgos grow, they will be beautiful. I was surprised at what a wasteland the area is. When you finally arrive at USC, it seems like a lush paradise. People often criticize Downtown but compared to most of the neighborhoods I witnessed, it seems like an urban paradise. Hopefully the EXPO line will be the start of beautifying the neighborhoods around it.

  2. it’s a great change, to drop the car thing and save money and not have to drive!

    love the new service!

  3. Am THRILLED the Farmdale station is finally open given it’s a stone’s throw from my residence. The Expo line gets me within 4 blocks of my office in downtown L.A. and I’ve been getting on and off the line at the Crenshaw station. It’ll be so nice to simply catch the line at the Farmdale station going forward. The Expo line is a welcome, quality addition to my life!

  4. I love that no one is at the Farmdale stop… isn’t that the one that they added to the route last minute?

    • Ezra,

      The photo was taken two hours before it opened to the public.

      Carter Rubin
      Contributor, The Source